servicing a colourful world masterbatches, pigments and resin colours


Dei®Tech Masterbatches – tailor made
Our Masterbatches are individually adapted to the customer’s polymer. We supply Masterbatches based on PE, PP, PA, ABS, PS, EVA etc.

Dei®Base Masterbatches – standard range
These colour batches are suitable for all-purpose use.
Available ex stock immediately from 1 kg.

Dei®Pow pigment preparations
Universal and customised pigment mixtures for dyeing all conventional polymers.

Dei®Roto Masterbatches for „ROTOMOULDING“
Tailor-made pigment preparations for dyeing in the rotation process.

Dei®Wood Masterbatches for WPC applications
We supply customised Masterbatches and pigment preparations for
usage in Wood Plastic Composites.

Dei®Resin resin dyes
Our Masterbatches for synthetic resin applications are available
in all RAL colours for EP, UP, MMA and PUR.

Dei®Art artist’s pigments
Our high-quality artist’s pigments have been specially developed for
artists and restorers, and can be incorporated into a wide variety
of binding agents.